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FAQ about wedding videography

What is your filming and editing style?

I love creating engaging, timeless wedding films . I like to think that they will still hold up in 10 or 20 years with their natural balanced colours and smooth editing style. Each couple and each story is unique. There is no one recipe to making a great film to fit all. That is why my films are individually tailored and story driven. I believe in a documentary style of filming. I don’t direct (unless of course asked to) and simply let you do what naturally comes to you. This is the only way to truly capture so many genuine emotions that come up on a day like this.

What is your booking process?

Once you decide to book your wedding date with me, I will send you a link to my online contract. The wedding is not the time for misunderstandings and oversights to surface, and my contract seeks to eliminate this possibility. During this step you will also choose your package. I ask for a 50% retainer payment to secure your reservation.

How do you prepare for the wedding day?

Once your wedding day planning is finalized, usually 1-2 weeks before the wedding, I like to check in with you to iron out the logistics. I also get in touch with your wedding planner or master of ceremonies to make sure I am aware of any surprises your friends and family may have prepared for you, so that I’m promptly there to capture it all! I also research your wedding location to make sure I’m prepared for any lighting conditions / camera placement / audio recording challenges there may be.

What happens on the wedding day?

I believe in a documentary style of filming and try to remain as unobtrusive as possible. I never follow a script or force any unwanted posing, but instead follow your lead and allow the day to unfold naturally. You may however enjoy and welcome some guidance during the portrait session. And I will happily provide it along with your photographer. At other times I discretely capture all of the moments I know make for a great, story-driven wedding film. So just relax and enjoy your day!

What equipment do you use?

I am often asked about the types of cameras I use. I try to film as discreetly as possible. That’s why I have invested in downsizing in the last couple of years. At the moment my camera of choice is Sony A7sIII. It is a small, yet powerful camera, that in combination with various lenses can produce beautiful imagery, even when the light circumstances leave much to be desired.

Do we get a teaser?

I know how curious and excited you are to see your film. And while it normally takes me about 8 weeks to deliver the final film, already within 1 week after the wedding you will be able to enjoy a 1 minute teaser! You can see some examples on my Instagram page. I break down the payments into two installments. The remaining 50% is due only after the wedding upon delivery of the teaser.

When do we receive our final film?

All good things take time. I take utmost care editing your wedding footage into a unique cinematic film, I aim choose the best soundtrack and colour grade every frame. Your film is ready approximately 8 weeks after the wedding. You will first receive it as a download link. USB’s are available on request.

What back up arrangements do you have in the event of equipment malfunction?

During important moments like ceremony and speeches I film with 2-3 cameras at once depending on the possibilities at the location. I film on cameras with dual SD card slots, which means that everything is recorded to two cards simultaneously. This minimizes the chances of loosing footage.

Do you charge a deposit for making a booking?

Yes. To secure your booking for my services and save the date, I ask for a 50% deposit. The deposit is paid when the contract is signed. The remaining balance is  due 1 week after the wedding once you’ve received the 1 minute preview video. You can find general pricing information on my INVESTMENT page.

Do you use contracts?

Yes. It is standard practice for professional wedding videography companies to ask clients to sign contracts. This is to protect both parties and clarify what services The Best of Times Films will provide. The day of the event is not the time for misunderstandings and oversights to surface, and my contract seeks to eliminate this possibility.

Can we arrange a meeting  with you?

Interested in my services? Please contact me to check my availability on your wedding day. Due to the number of inquiries it is not possible for me to arrange a meeting with every couple. I always suggest arranging a video call to get introduced in person and discuss all the possibilities! You’re new to wedding films, and it can get overwhelming. I want to make sure I answer any questions you may have, that you are fully confident in my ability to create your wedding film. I want to make sure you are comfortable around me, even though I try to remain as unobtrusive and invisible as possible, I feel it is important to have a personal click. I also like to get a feeling of your personal style and the atmosphere you’re creating for your big day.

Can we cancel at any time?

You can cancel at no cost at any time up until 6 months before the wedding. If you cancel less than 6 months before the wedding I will retain your 50% booking fee unless you find a replacement booking for your date. I strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover any loss you could incur for cancelling or postponing your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can we change our wedding date?

In case of a change in the date of the wedding, I will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the change. The change of date is free of charge. However if the new date conflicts with my existing schedule (another wedding), I reserve the right to terminate the agreement.